In Crescendo - Solo exhibition of Martina Corà


Opening on Monday 30th of September, from 6 pm to 9 pm


VIASATERNA - Via Giacomo Leopardi 32, Milano


Viasaterna presents the new project “In Crescendo” by Martina Corà (Como, 1987), which investigates music as origin and form, shaping her sculptures made with 3D printing. This transposition passes through a digital process, involving a software able to detect the movements of the orchestra conductor, while performing a piece. Along with the sculptures presented in the exhibition, there will be a concert by the ensemble “Musica Instrumentalis” conducted by Giovanni Pavesi on the day of the opening.


Premiere in Japan for conductor Pavesi who transcribes Dvorák - Matteo Sbarbada


Debut in Takamatsu for his version for two pianos and oboe of the “Largo” from the Symphony n° 9 “From the New World”.


From San Benedetto Po (near Mantua, Italy. N.d.T.) to the Land of the Rising Sun. Last summer, at Tersa Hall of Takamatsu, Japan, the transcription for two pianos and oboe by Antonín Dvorák’s “Largo” from Symphony n° 9 “From the New World” has been performed in absolute premiere. This transcription has been commissioned by the musical association ‘Group Vivi’ to Italian composer and orchestra conductor Giovanni Pavesi. «I am particularly pleased for this first collaboration with Japan, also due to the virtuous professional relationship with pianist Kyoko Saito». Performers of the transcription have been Aki Kubokawa and Mizuki Nagasima at the pianos and Kazuko Mizobuchi at the oboe. The piece has been produced for the 15th annual concert promoted by the musical association ‘Group Vivi’ whose programme included, inter alia, music by Rachmaninoff and Bartók».

L’Opera - Il Giornale nel giornale - May 2013

Il Matrimonio Segreto in Mantua - Silvia Campana


The young orchestra of the Conservatory of Mantua, conducted by Giovanni Pavesi, was extremely focused. The theatre was crowded and the enthusiastic applause for all the performers and the conductor that followed the performance were the most obvious evidence that the way Mantua must follow is the musical theater. Its future has been already created by its history and places, which helped to create the atmosphere, and the rest will follow thank to accuracy and competence [...].

Corriere del Teatro - The lyrical theatres - June/July/August 2013

Mantua, Bibiena Theatre - Il Matrimonio Segreto - Vittoria Licari


The young conductor Giovanni Pavesi was at the head of the Lucio Campiani Conservatory Orchestra. It was his operatic debut and he was struggling with one of the most complex scores of eighteenth-century Italian repertoire, Pavesi demonstrated an excellent technique, a particular sense of theater and an uncommon ability to balance voices and music. The premises for a promising and rewarding career are real. Good luck!

La Voce di Mantova - Local events - 14th April 2013

Enzo Dara and the Campiani Conservatory are the architets of a succesful Matrimonio - Guido Mario Pavesi


A deft action, an accurate characterization of the characters, a functional setting and an impressive performance of the singers revealed the skilful hand of Enzo Dara who can count on the remarkable incisiveness of the orchestra, which was conducted with elegance and precision by Giovanni Pavesi.