La nuova Cronaca di Mantova - Palcoscenico - 12th April 2013

Pupils without secrets - All the singers and musicians are good (the conductor included) - Roberto Chittolina


On the eve of the premiere of Il Matrimonio Segreto, Tondo was unavailable because of a certified disease. So it was up to the young Giovanni Pavesi [...]. He did his duty and he did it very well, the approval of the audience, critics and also the musicians - musicians and singers - he directed is unanimous.

Gazzetta di Mantova - Culture and Shows - 6th April 2013

Rhythm shines in Campiani’s new work - Andrea Zaniboni


[...] a conductor who surprisingly was Giovanni Pavesi from Mantua (Domenico Tondo was sick), who promptly took his role impressing the audience with vividness, clarity, elegance and care, all these qualities forecast a bright future for him.

Vivimilano - - 4th March 2013

Echo performed by the University Orchestra of Milan - Daniela Zacconi


Directed by Federico Longo, the Orchestra opens the soirée with Echo by Giovanni Pavesi, who won the Paolo Bergamini Composition Prize in 2012. The score refers to Ovid's myth and evokes, in a symbolic way, the taste for symmetry and transfiguration.

Gazzetta di Mantova - Culture and Shows - 5th April 2013

Great success for Il Matrimonio Segreto performered by Campiani Conservatory - Maria Antonietta Filippini


The 7th production of the Campiani Conservatory captivated the audience immediately (the Mayor was there) and determined the success of a young man, Giovanni Pavesi, who was the assistant of professor Domenico Tondo and now, he is a conductor.

University of Milan - - 27th February 2013

New appointment with the Milan University Orchestra presenting the premiere of Echo by Giovanni Pavesi, who won the Paolo Bergamini Composition Prize in 2012. The composition is inspired by the myth of the nymph and Narcissus, who are the protagonists of Ovid's Metamorphoses. It is a meticulous structure that is characterized by symmetry and transfiguration, which are the central ideas of the thirteen sessions that constitute it.